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Rama Naamame

Rama Naamame
By Thanjavur Shankara Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Desh
Thalam aadhi

Rama namame thuthi maname,
Kshemam urave dinam Sita

Bhoomiyai, ponnai poovayarai,
Poojithu pin punnagaamale, sri

Vedanigal pala sodhanaigal,
Yavume nadanai ninainthidugil, Raghu

English Translation

Oh mind pray the name of Lord Rama,
For getting comfort daily pray Sita Rama

After worshiping the earth, gold and ladies,
Without getting hurt pray Sri Rama

Many pains, many tribulations,
If you think that he is the lord of everything,
Pray Lord Raghu Rama.

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