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Re Manasa Bhaja Re

Re Manasa Bhaja Re
By Cheyyor Chengalvaraya Sasthri
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Nattai
Tala Roopaka


Re re manasa bhaja re Gajananam


Charachara viharam sakala Purana saram,
Karunyamrutha pooram, kamakshi modhakaram.


Kanjasana mukha sura muni vanditha pada charitham,
Kanchipura natha sutham karna chamramtham
Manjula kanaka abharana manchitham atheethantham,
Sinjanmanjirayutham Chengalvarayanatam.

English Translation


Hey, Hey mind, sing about Lord Ganesa.


The God who is in all the worlds,
Who is the essence of all epics,
Who is fully the nectar of mercy,
And one who gives happiness to Kamakshi.


He whose feet are worshipped by Brahma and all important sages,
Who is the son of Lord of Kanchipuram, who has fan like ears,
Who decorates himself with pretty golden ornaments, who is beyond everything,
Who is accompanied by tinkling bells and beat of drums,
And is worshipped by Chengalvaraya.

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