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Pavana Guru Pavana Puradheesam

Pavana Guru Pavana Puradheesam
By Lalitha Dasar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Hamasanandhi
Tala Roopaka


Pavana guru pavana puradheesam


Jeevanadhara sankhasam Krishnam,
Golokesam bhavitha Narada gireesam,
Tribhuvana vana vesham.


Pujitha vidhi purandaram rajitha muralidharam,
Vraja lalana andakaram ajitha mudhaaram,
Samrakshada shubhakakara,, niravadhi karuna pooram,
Radha vadana chakoram lalitha sodharam param.

English Translation


I surrender to the holy lord of Guruvayur.


The Krishna who is near by as the basis to my life,
Who is the Lord of Gokula, Who was worshipped by Narada and Shiva,
And who is with the forests of the three worlds.


The God who is worshipped properly by Lord Indra,
Who shines as the one holding the flute,
Who removed the darkness from Brindavan,
Who is undefeatable and full of mercy,
Who protects, blesses with good things,
Who is full of different types of kindness,
Who is thirsting to look at Radha,
And who is the divine brother of Goddess Lalitha.

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