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Pahi Madana Gopala Mukunda

Pahi Madana Gopala Mukunda
By Vijayagopala Swamy
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Thodi
Thalam: Aadhi


Pahi Madana Gopala Mukunda,
Paripalitha Muchukunda Hare,
Mukunda palitha Muchukundha

Protect me, Oh Madana Gopala, Oh Mukunda,
Oh Hari, who looked after Muchukunda,
Oh Mukunda, who looked after Muchukunda.


1. Nanda nandana, nanditha muni jana,
Mandahasa vadana Hare Rama,
Mandahasa vadana, Hare Krishna

The son of Nanda who made saints happy,
Oh Hari, Oh Rama Oh God with pretty smiling face,
Oh Hari, Oh Krishna Oh God with pretty smiling face.

2. Danditha ripu jana, andaja vahana,
Pundarika Nayana, Hare Rama Krishna

Oh God who punishes his enemies, who carries the unverse,
Who has a lotus like eyes, Oh Hari, Oh Rama, Oh Krishna.

3, Vali Mardhana, Vanara poshana,
Varidhi Bandhana, Hare Rama Krishna

The killer of Vali, the nourisher of the monkeys,
One who tied the ocean, Oh Hari, Oh Rama, Oh Krishna.

4. Arjuna chela, Sajjana Pala,
Brjitha ripu jala, Hare Rama Krishna

Servant of Arjuna, one who looks after Good people,
One who destroyed enemies as if by magic, Oh Hari. Oh Rama, Oh Krishna

5. Kunjaraposhana, Manjula Bhashana,
Manjeera pada yugala, Hare Rama, Krishna

He, who saved the elephant, he who speaks sweetly,
He, who has anklets attached to his two feet, Oh Hari, Oh Rama, Oh Krishna

6. Vidhi nutha sheela, Vijaya Gopala,
Veda Nikara Bala, Hare Rama, Krishna

God whom Lord Brahma prayed, the victorious Gopala,
The boy who is similar to Vedas, Oh Hari, Oh Rama, Oh Krishna.

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