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Yenthundi Vedalathivo

Yenthundi Vedalathivo
By Saint Thyagraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Darbar
Thalam Triputa


Yenthundi vedalathivo, Ye ooro, ne theliya,
Ippudaina thelapavayya.


Andha chandhamu vere nadathellella trigu-,
Nathee thami yunnathe kani Sri Rama Neevu


1. Chidukandena aparaha chaya ula thagilenche,
Shiva lokamu kaathu

2. Vadu roopudai palini vanchinchi yanath suvani,
Vaikundamu kathu

3. Vida vachanamu chiramu thrumpa patta,
Vidhi lokamu kathu

4. Thidavu dharmamu sathyamu mrudhu bhashalu kalku
Divya roopa thyaga raja vinutha neevu.

English Translation


Oh Lord, I do not know, where from you came,
Nor to which place you belong.
At least tell me now about it.


Oh Rama, apart from the great beauty that you posses,
You seem to be beyond the three types of qualities.


1. You do not belong to the place of Shiva,
Where one is scared that he may commit mistakes any time.

2. You do not belong to Vaikunta, the land of the Brahmachari,
Who deceived King Maha Bali

3. You do not belong to the land of fate,
Where the lord lost his head by telling a lie.

4. But Thayagaraja is now telling,
That you are Lord Rama who has,
Come with courage, Dharma, truth and pleasant words.

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