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Saamaja Vara Gamana

Saamaja Vara Gamana
By Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Hindolam
Thala Aadhi


Saamaja vara gamana
Sadhu hrut sarasabhja Pala
ka lathitha vikhyatha


Sama nigamaja sudha maya gana vikakshana
gunasheelaa dayalavala maam palaya


Veda siro mathraja saptha swara,
Nada kala deepa sweekrutha,
Yadava kula murali vadana,
Vinoda mohana kara, Thyagaraja vandaneeya.

English Translation


He who walks like an elephant,
He who protects the lotus like heart of saints,
He who is beyond time, He who is famous.


Oh Expert in the nectar like music of Sama Veda,
Oh Virtuous one, Oh Ocean of mercy, please protect me.


Oh seven notes flowing out of Vedas,
Oh light in the mountain of music,
Oh Flute player belonging to Yadava clan,
Oh God who attracts others as a play,
Oh God who is being saluted by Thyagaraja.

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