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Ragha Rathna Malika Che

Ragha Rathna Malika Che
By Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam - Reethi Goula
Talam - Roopakam
Lnguage - Telugu


Raga rathna maliga che
Ranjillu nata hari shatha

Anu Pallavi

Bhaga sevinvchi sakala
Bhagya manthuda murare.


1. Naigama shad shasthra puraana
Agamartha sahitha mata

2. Yogivarulu aanandamu
Nondhe sanmarga mata

3. Bhagava thothamulu koodi,
Pade keerthanamulada

4. Thyagaraju kada there
Tharaka mani chesina.

English Translation


With a garland made of,
Hundred gem like ragas,
Which is very dear to mind of Hari.


Come, let us serve that Lord well,
And receive all sorts of luck.


1. This garland of words is the essence of four Vedas,
Six Vedangas, Puranas and Agamas.

2. This garland of words is seem as the,
Greatest joy leading great sages to salvation

3. Thse are the gems which are sung by,
The greatest of devotees gathering together

4. Composed by Thyagaraja, it is a way to his salvation.

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