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Mana Vyala Kimpa Radhade

Mana Vyala Kimpa Radhade
By Sage Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachhander

Raga Nalina kanthi
Thala Aadhi


Mana vyala kimpa radhade
Marma mellaa thepe thane mnasa,


Kanudaina Rama Chandruni
Karunanntharangamu thelisina naa


Karma Kanda matha drushtuli bhava,
Gahana charulai kasi jendhag,
Kani manava avatharudai,
Kanipinchi nade nadatha Thyagaraju

English Translation


Oh mind, I would tell you all the tricks,
Can you not obey me.


As I know the merciful thoughts of Ramachandra,
Who is great, can you not obey me.


You showed men who strictly follow all rituals,
And are completely immersed in domestic life,
How to get rid of their problems by taking,
An incarnation of man, in Ramavathara,
And Thyagaraja asks to you to realize this.

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