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Kathanuvariki Kathu Kathini Moralinidu

Kathanuvariki Kathu Kathini Moralinidu
By Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Thodi
Thala Aadhi


Kathanuvariki kathu kathini moralinidu,
Peddhala matalu nedapatha melano


Athambu chekkillache muthugaru momu chooda,
Budhi kal kinatti mavatha ravathemiraa.


Nithura nirakarinchi muthuka thambura patti,
Sudha maina manasuche suswaramutho,
Pathu thappaka bhajinche Bhaktha balanamuseyu,
Thathaya salivi neevu Thyagaraja sannutha.

English Translation


For those who say, it is not there, it is not there,
But would the words of the great ones,
Who said it is there, become false.


Why is it he does not come before us,
Though we yearn to see his cheeks which shines like mirror.


Forsaking sleep, holding the gem like Thambura,
With a pure mind and with very clear notes,
And without mistakes we sing about him with devotion,
He who protects devotees would appear before Thyagaraja.

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