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Graha Balamemi Rama Anugraha

Graha Balamemi Rama Anugraha
By Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Revagupthi
Thala Desadhi


Graha balamemi rama, anugraha balame balamu


Graha balamemi thejo mayavi,
Grahamunu dhyaninchu variki nava


Graha peetala Pancha papamula naa,
Grahamulu kala kamaadhi ripula nee,
Grahamu jeyu Harini bhajinchu,
Thyagarajaniki Rasikagresaruluku

English Translation


Oh Rama, what is the power of planets,
Only the power of your blessings is real power


What is the power of the nine planets,
To those who meditate on the statue of God.


My planets and the five type of sins incite,
The six enemies like passion and anger,
But these can be easily won over by singing about Hari,
By Thagraja and those who pray like him.

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