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Elavathara Methu Kodilo

Elavathara Methu Kodilo
By Saint Thyagaraja
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Mukari
Thala Aadhi


Elavathara methu kondilo,
Emi karanamo ramudai


Aalame putaka Ayodhyaa,
Palana chese dendhukka Sri Rama


Yogula brachedunthuka bhava,
Rogula brachedunthuka , satha,
Raga rathna malikanu rasinchina,
Thyaga rajuniki varamosa kudaka


Oh Lord, what is the cause of your,
Being born as Lord Rama


Is it for grazing the cattle or is it,
To rule and look after Ayodhya,


Is it for looking after great sages?
Is it to remove the sorrow of birth?
Or is it to become a Lord to,
Thyagaraja, who composed,
This garland of pearls of songs.

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