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Thadwath Jeevitham Brahmani

Thadwath Jeevitham Brahmani
By Sadashiva Brahmendrar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Keeravani
Thalam: Aadhi


Thadwath jeevitham Brahmani
Thadwat Jeevitham

Likewise the life is that of Brahman,
Likewise the life.


Yadyath thoye chandradvithvam,
Yadvan mukhare prathibimbathwam


It is like the moon being in the water,
Just like the reflection talking back harshly.


1. Sthanau yadwan nara roopathvam,
Bhanukare yadwath thoyathvam.

1. Just like the form of a man is fixed,
And just like the Sun making the water.

2. Sukthou yadvath rajathamayathvam,
Rajjou yadvath phani dehathvam.

2. It is just like a sour liquid is full of silver,
And like a rope becoming the body of a snake.

3. Paramahamsa gurunadh adhvaya vidhyaa,
Bhanathi dikkrutha Mayaa vidhyaa.

3. It is just like that knowledge of the Paramahamsa Guru,
Being named as the contemptible illusory knowledge.

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