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Manasa Sanchara Re

Manasa Sanchara Re
By Sadashiva Brahmendral
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Shyama
Thalam Aadhi

Manasa sanchara re brahmani,
Manasa sanchara re

1. Mada shikhi pincha alankrutha chikure,
Mahaneeya kapola vijitha mukure

2. Sri Ramaneesa durga vihaare,
Sevaka jana mandhira mandhare

3. Paramahamsa mukha chandra chakore,
Pari pooritha murali rava thare

English meaning

Oh mind, please travel towards Brahman,
Oh mind, please travel.

1. Towards the exuberant hair locks decorated by feather of peacock,
Towards the cheeks of the great one which wins over the mirror.

2. Towards the mountain where lord Vishnu lives,
Towards the flowerlike homes of his devotees.

3. Towards you whose moon like face is waited upon by sages like Chakora birds,
Towards the fulfilling star which is surrounded by music of flute.

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