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Kreedathi Vanamali

Kreedathi Vanamali
By Sadashiva Brahmendra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Sindhu Bhairavai
Talam Aadhi

Kreedathi Vanamali, goshte,
Kreedathi Vanamali

1. Prahlada Parsara paripali,
Pavanathmaja, Jambhavatha anukooli.

2. Padma kucha parirambhana saali,
Patu sarasaasitha mali, sumali

3. Paramahamsa vara kusuma sumali,
Pranava payoruha garbha kapali.

English meaning

The one with forest garland is playing in groups,
The one with forest garland is playing.

1. He who looks after Prahladha and Parasara,
And is the one who is partial to Hanuman and Jambhavaan.

2. He who caresses Goddess Lakshmi,
The cunning one who rules over his arrows, the well garlanded one.

3. He who wears good garland of the flowers of the great sage,
He who is Om, worshipped by Shiva and Brahma.

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