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Khelathi Brahmande

Khelathi Brahmande
By Sadashiva Brahmendra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Sindhu Bhiravi
Talam Aadhi

Khelathi brahmande, Bhagawan,
Khelathi Brahmande.

1. Hamsa soham, Hamsa soham,
Hamsa soham, sohamithi.

2. Paramathmoham, Pari poornoham,
Brhamaivahamaham, Brahmethi.

3. Thwak, chakshu, sruthi, jihwa,grane,
Pancha vidha pranopasthane.

4. Shabdha sprsa, rasadhika mathre,
Sathvika, rajasa, thamasa mithre.

5. Budhi mana cchithoahankaro,
Bhoo, jala, theja, gagana, sameere.

6. Paramahamsa roopena viharthaa,
Brahma vishnu rudaradhika karthaa.

English meaning

The God is playing with the universe,
Playing with the universe.

1. Who am I, I am that, Who am I, I am that,
Who am I, I am that indicating, I am that.

2. I am the universal soul, I am complete,
I am the universal Brahmam, indicating Brahmam.

3. The skin, the eyes, hearing aids, toungue and smelling aids,
Are the five kinds of places where the soul is there.

4. The sound, touch and the taste, to large extent,
Are the friends of Sathvika, Rajasa and Thamsa natures.

5. The intellect, the mind, the brain and the pride,
Are but a breeze of earth, water, fire, wind and the ether.

6. The one who wanders in the form of Paramahamsa (great saint),
Is the doer in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

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