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Gayathi Vana Mali

Gayathi Vana Mali
By Sadashiva Brahmendra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Mishra Kapi
Thalam AAdhi

Gayathi vana maali,madhuram,
Gayathi vana mali.

1. Pushpa sugandha Malaya sameere,
Muni jana senitha Yamuna there.

2. Kunchitha suka pika muka, khaga kunje,
Kutilaalaka bahu neeradha punje.

3. Thulasi dhama vibhooshana haari,
Jalaja bhava sthutha sad guna sowri.

4. Paramahamsa hrudayothsava kaari,
Pari pooriutha murali rava dhaari.

English meaning

Lord Krishna sings in the forest sweetly,
Lord Krishna sings in the forest.

1. In the breeze laden with incense of flowers,
In the banks of Yamuna, crowded by sages.

2. In the crowd of parrots, cuckoos and birds of the sky,
From within the curved hairs resembling a rich cloud.

3. He who likes the Thulasi leaves as ornament,
The archer with good nature, who is praised by her who was born out of water

4. He who makes the heart of sages in to festival,
And one who wears the fully devoted music of the flute.

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