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Chintha Nasthi

Chintha Nasthi
By Sadashiva Brahmendra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Sankarabaranam
Talalm Aadi

Chintha nasthi kila teshaam,
Chintha nasthi kila

1. Sama dama karuna sampoornaanam,
Sadhu samagama samkeernaanaam

2. Kaala thraya jitha kandharpaanaam,
Khaditha sarvendriya darapaanaam

3. Parama hamsa guru pada chinthaanaam,
Brahmanandamrutha mathaanaam

English meaning

No worries for them, is it not,
No worries for them at all.

1. To those complete with peace, knowledge and mercy,
To those who spent singing in company of saints.

2. To those who have won over the past, present and future,
To those who have controlled and won over their senses

3. To those who spend their time in thoughts of saintly guru,
To those who get intoxicated in the nectar of divine joy.

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