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Chetha Sri Ramaam

Chetha Sri Ramaam
By Sadashiva Brahmendra
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Churutii
Thalam Aadhi

Chetha Sri Ramam chinthaya,
Jeemootha sayanam

1. Angeekrutha thamburu sangeetham,
Hanumath gavaya gavaaksha sametham

2. Navarathna sthapitha kotteeram,
Nava thulasi dala kalpitha haram

3. Paramahamsa hrudha gopura dheepam,
Charana dalitha muni tharuni saapam.

English meaning

Think about the intellectual Rama,
Who sleeps on the cloud.

1. He who enjoys the music of one stringed veena,
He who is with hanuman, cows and those who look after the cow.

2. He who has a palace made of the nine gems,
He who likes the garland made of new thulasi leaves.

3. He who is the tower light of the mind of great sages,
He whose touch of feet removed the curse of a lady given by a sage.

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