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Ananda Poorna Bodoham [2]

Ananda Poorna Bodoham [2]
By Sadashiva Brahmendral
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam- Sankarabharanam
Talam-Mishra chapu


Ananda poorna bodoham, sachid,
Ananda poorna bodoham, Shivoham

I perceive that I am full of divine joy,
I perceive that I am full of joy, I am Shiva.


1. Sarvathma charoham, pari nirvana,
Nirguna akhila athmakoham,
Geervana varya anantoham, kama,
Garva nirvaapan athirathroham.

Like I all beings I move about, I am the universal soul,
Which has attained complete rest and which does not have any properties,
I am the great deva Anantha (endless) and,
I am the constant oblation of passion and pride

2. Sathya swaroopa paroham, vara-,
Sruthyantha bodhitha Sukha sagaroham,
Prathyaga binna paroham, suddha
Manthra rahitham, aayathitoham.

I am the real divine form, I am the ocean,
Of pleasure which is taught at the end of Vedhas,
I am that divine soul which has returned,
I am possessed of sacred chants side by side.

3. Ava bodha rasa sagaroham, vyoma,
Pavanadhi pancha bootha athi dooroham,
Kavi vara sama sevyoham, ghora bhava sindhu tharaka,
Parama sookshmoham.

I am the sea of essence of knowledge,
I am far away from the five elements like sky and wind,
I am being served by great poets like me
I am the very micro thing capable of crossing,
The greatly horrifying sea of birth.

4. Baaditha guna kalanoham,
Soditha samarasa paramathmaham,
Sadhana jatatiohm,
Nirupadhika, nissema bhoomanandoham.

I am the very absurd behavior,
I am the divine Athma who has the test feeling of equality,
I am the one who has produced achievements,
I am the unconditional limitless joy of the earth.

5. Nirvayavoham, ajoham,
Nirupa mahimani nihatha mahitoham,
Niravadhi sathva gunoham, dheera,
Paramasivendra, sri guru bodithoham.

I am that which has been put out, I am that is unborn,
I am the auspicious power, I am the festivity that has been stopped,
I am very many good qualities and I have been taught,
By my Guru who is the courageous king like Lord Shiva.

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