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Yamanelloo Kaa Nanendu

Yamanelloo Kaa Nanendu
By Sage Purandara dasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander and Chakravarthi Madhusudana

Raga Sivaranjini
Thala Aadi

Yamanelloo kaaNanendu hELa bEDa,
Yama Ramachandrane sandeha bEDa

1. Nambida VibheeshaNanige Ramanaada,
Nambadidda RaavaNage Yamanaada,

2. Nambida baalakanige hariyaada,
Nambadidda avana pithage Ariyaada.

3. Nambida Arjunanige banTanaada,
Nambadidda Kouravarige thunTanaada.

4. Nambida Ugrasenanige mithranaada,
Nambadidda Kamsanige Shathruvaada

5. Nambidavara salahuva namma doreyu,
Ambujaaksha Purandara vittala Rayanu.

English Translation

Do not say that I have not been able to see Yama anywhere,
Yama is Ramachandra, have no doubt about it.

1. To Vibheeshana who believed he is Lord Rama,
To RaavaNa who did not believe he is Yama.

2. To the boy (Prahlaada) who believed he was Hari,
To his father (HiraNyakashipu) who did not believe, he was enemy.

3. To Arjuna, who believed, he was the slave,
And to the Kouravas who did not believe he was a killer

4. To Ugrasena who believed he became a friend,
To Kamsa who did not believe he was an enemy.

5. Our lord who protects those who believe in him,
Is the Lotus eyed Purandara Vittala.

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