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Mangalam Jaya Mangalam

Mangalam Jaya Mangalam
By Sage Purandara Dasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander and Chakravarthi Madhusudana

[Traditional music concerts end with a singing of Mangalam. Here is a remarkable song involving all the ten incarnations by Sage Purandara Dasa.]

Raga Suruti
Thala Aadhi


Mangalam, Jaya Mangalam
Mangalam nithya Shubha Mangalam.


1. Mukatake Mangalam mathsyavatharage,
Mukhake Mangalam Muthu kurmanige,

2. Sukantake Mangalam sookara roopage,
Nakhake Mangalam Narasimhanige

3. Vakshake Mangalam vatu vamananige,
Pakshake mangalam Parasuramanige.

4. Kakshake Mangalam Kakustha Ramanige
kukshige Mangalam Sri Krishnanige

5. UrugaLige Mangalam uttama bouddhanige
Charanake Mangalam cheluva kalkige.

6. Pari pari roopage paramanandage,
Purandara Vittalage shubha Mangalam

English translation


Let there be good, Victory to the wish that all should be good,
Let there be good, Wishes for that good to be there daily.


1. Let there be good to the crown in incarnation as fish,
Let there be good to the face in incarnation as tortoise.

2. Let there be good to the neck to the incarnation of boar,
Let there be good to the nails of the incarnation as man lion.

3. Let there be good to the chest of the incarnation of Boy Vamana
Let there be good to the sides of the incarnation of Parasurama

4. Let there be good to all joints to Rama who belongs to the Kakustha clan
Let there be good to the belly of incarnation of lord Krishna.

5. Let there be good to the thighs in incarnation of Buddha,
Let there be good to the feet of the pretty incarnation of Kalki.

6. For each and every form, for the divine joy,
For the Vittala of Purandara let there be good.

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