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Bandadella Barali

Bandadella Barali
By Sage Purandara Dasa
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Kapi
Thala Aadhi

Bandhadhella Barali, Govindana daya,


Mandharadhara Govinda mukundana,
Sandharshana ondhiddhare salade


Singana hegaleri sakakekari bangayeke,
Rangana daya ullavake bhaya bhangada
Bhayakeva hange, mangala mahima
Sri Purandara vittala rangana daya
Ondhidhare salade?

English translation


Let all this things that have happened, happen,
Let us have the merciful grace on us.


Is it not only sufficient if we have the visit of grace,
Of the one who lifted Mandhara mountain,
The Govinda and the God Mukunda.


Why should be there fear of the lion,
Getting on the top of the elephant
If there is mercy of Ranga With us?
For them fear, problems and road blocks,
Would not be there because,
Of mercy of Purandara Vitala, the Ranga.
Is this not only sufficient?

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