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Muruga Muruga Endraal

Muruga Muruga Endraal
By Periya Saami Thooran
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Saveri
Thalam Chapu

Muruga, Muruga endral urugatho undan ullam,
Varuvai, varuvai endral parivodu varuvayo

Orukkal urai seidalum, un padham ninainthalum,
Arule thanthidum Kandha, allum pagalum naan,

Ariyathu naan seytha pizhayaal nee veruthaayo,
Anbe vadivai konda azhagaa chinanthaayo,
Chiriyen yen kurai yellam poruthe arul seivai,
Chendhil maa nagar vazhum devathi devane.

English Translation

If I call Muruga, Muruga, would not your mind melt,
If I call you, please come, come, wont you come along with mercy.

Even if I tell only once, Even if I think of your feet,
Oh Kandha who showers your grace,
If day and night I call you

Have you started hating me by the mistake I did without intention,
Oh pretty one who has only love, are you angry,
Please pardon the mistakes of this lowly one and shower your grace,
Oh God of Gods who lives in the great Thiruchendhur.

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