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Saranam Ayyappa

Saranam Ayyappa
By Papanasam Sivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Mukari
Talam Mishra Chapu

Saranam ayyappa, sabari malai,
Ezhubdarulia yen swami.

Charana malar kanavilum maraven,
Dayai puriya tharunam ithayya

Ulagellam undan arulaal,
Magizhvudan vaazha iranguvai,
Kali yugam thanile kan kanda,
Kadvule, arul vadivazhagane.

English meaning

I surrender to you Ayyappa, My god,
Who has come and occupied Sabari mountain

I would not forget your lotus feet, even in my dream,
This is the time to show your mercy.

Please be kind enough to make all the world,
Live happily through your grace,
Oh God, whose presence has been experienced in the Kali Yuga,
Oh God who is divinely graceful and handsome.

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