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Samaja Vara Gamana

Samaja Vara Gamana
By Papanasam Sivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Madhyamavathi
Talam aadhi

Samaja vara Gamana, Saketha vaasa

Kama janaka, kali kalusha vibhanjana,
Naamadeya ramachandra maamava,
Kodi madhana samana soundarya,
Kamini kula thilaka videha atmaja,
Sowdaminyutha neelabrutha nu lavanya

Dasaratha sutha, kosala duhithru sukkrutha,
Darani kula thilaka lakshmana poorvaja,
Kusigathanuja anusarana kinnapada,
Guha sannutha, karunarasa jaladhara.

English meaning

Oh Rama who lives in Ayodhya and walks like a blessed elephant

One who breeds love towards him, One who destroys the evils of Kali age,
One who is mine and is known by name of Ramachandra,
One who is as pretty as billions of love gods,
One who is the consort of the daughter of Janaka, who is the epitome of all pretty women,
One who is prettier than the lightning in the blue sky

The son of Dasaratha, one who is the grandson of blessed king of Kosala,
One who is epitome of all the people in earth and elder brother of Lakshmana,
One who rowed by Guha who was like his brother while going to forest,
One who is merciful which flows like water from him.

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