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Pirava Varam Vendum

Pirava Varam Vendum
By Paanasam Sivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Lathangi
Thalam aaadhi

Pirava varam vendum, pemmane,

Piravaa varam thaarum, piranthalum thiruvadi,
Maravaa varam tharum, manila mel ini.

Parvathi neyaa, Baktha Sahaya,
Bandham aara vandu arul thaa thaa,
Mundai vinai ghora, Sindaikalum theera,
Endhayum pada aravindham thunai sera.

English Meaning

Oh great one, give me the boon of no birth,

Give me boon of no birth and even if I am born in this world,
Give me the boon of not forgetting your divine feet.

Darling of Parvathi, helper of devotees,
After coming give me your grace to cut off all attachments,
So that the horrible thoughts of the karma of last birth are finished,
And I get the grace of help of the divine feet of my lord.

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