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Parathpara Parameshwara

Parathpara Parameshwara
By Papanasam Shivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Vachaspathi
Thala Aadi


Parathpara Parameshwara,
Parvathi pathe, hara, pasupathe


Surasurar thozhun pavana,
Sundara charanaravinda Ananda


Hari aya nam kana ariya jyothi.
Adi antham ila pazhama nadi, *
Puram yeritta mukkan karumbe
Punya murthi Subramanyanin Thandaye

English translation


The God of all who is more divine than the divine,
The consort of Parvathi, the destroyer, the Lord of all beings.


The holy one saluted by devas and Asuras,
Who has pretty lotus like feet, God who is joyful


The rare flame who is Hari, who is not seen by us,
Seeking for the birth less,
The three eyed Sugar cane who burnt the three cities,
The holy one, the father of Subrahmanya

*retrieved from sahityam.net/wiki/Paratpara_parameswara, this line is not clear

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