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Mooladhara Moorthi

Mooladhara Moorthi
By Papanasam Sivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachader

Ragam Hamsa dwani
Thalam Aadi

Mooladhara moorthi Gaja mukhne,
Saranam unathu ubhaya Charanam.

Velayudha guhan thanakku mun thondriya,
Vimalaa, umayal thiru magane,
Amalaa, yemai aal munivar thozhum

Anbudan thumbai arugam pullai yeduthu,
Archanai cheythaalum pothum anbar,
Thunbam thudaithu perinbam tharum varada,
Thunai puri pranavakara Ganapathiye.

English meaning

Oh primeval basic god who is elephant faced,
I seek protection of your pair of feet.

Oh pure one who was born before Guha with a Vel,
Oh darling divine son of Goddess Parvathi,
Oh pure one who is worshiped by sages who rule over us.

It is sufficient if your devotes offer you with love,
The thumbai flowers and Arugam grass,
And Oh blessed one you would remove their sorrow and give them divine joy,
And please help me Oh Ganapathi of the form of Om'.

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