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Mayil Vahana

Mayil Vahana
By Papanasam Sivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Mohanam
Tala Aadhi

Mayil Vahana, Valli mana Mohana(ma)
Saranabhava varam arulvay vaa

Kailyaya mudhal mailgalil yellam kalithu,
Vilayadum, panniru kaiya, murugayya,

Poorna chandran polum aarumuga,
Bhuvanam yengum nirai mayavan maruga,
Aarana porule, adimai yenai aala,
Vaa, vaa, vaa Ramadasan pani guha.

English translation

Oh God who travels on the great peacock,
Who has Attracted the mind of Valli

Oh Lord Muruga, Oh Lord with twelve hands,
Who is playing on all mountains,
Including the holy Kailasa mountain.

Oh God with six full moon like faces,
Oh Nephew of Vishnu, who is everywhere in the world,
Oh divine God, Please come, come,
To rule over me, your slave,
Oh Guha, the work of Ramadasa.

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