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Maha Lakshmi Jaganmatha

Maha Lakshmi Jaganmatha
By Papanasam Shivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Shankarabaranam
Talam Misra Chapu

Mahalakshmi, Jagan matha,
Manam irangi, varam arul.

Maha Vishnuvin marbu enum mani peetam adanil amarndu arul,
Manmathanai eendru arulum thaye, Dayanidhiye, Maha maye.

1, Par kadal tharum Krupakari
Parindhu vandy yennai aadhari

2. Pankaja malar valar annaye,
Kadikan Paar, Ramadasan paniyum

English translation

Oh Mahalakshmi, Oh mother of universe,
Please take pity on me and give me boons.

Please sit on the jeweled seat of the Chest of Maha Vishnu,
Oh mother of Manmatha, Oh treasure of mercy, Oh great enchanter.

1. Oh merciful goddess born out of the ocean of milk,
Please come with pity and support me.

2. Oh mother who sits on the lotus flower,
Please see me with your sidelong glance,
Oh mother saluted by Ramadasa.

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