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Karpaga Manohara

Karpaga Manohara
By Papanasam Shivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Malaya marutham
Thala Khanda Chapu


Karpaga manohara, Kattarul kurpakara

Chithpara, Kapaleesa, Thiru mayilapurthil valarum


1. Unadu adi paninthen.
Ulagellam thozhum eesan,
Unadu thiru nama thannai
Ullam kaninthu uraikiren.

2. Annayum en thandayum nee,
Anri ver ondrum ariya agathi naan,
Endru unarndhu pugalvado endan annai

English translation


The ever bountiful stealer of mind,
Please show me your grace, giver of mercy.


Divine one, Lord of the skull
Who lives in Mylapore


1. I salute at your feet,
You are the God saluted by all the world,
I am with a devoted and melting mind,
Saying your names.

2. You are my mother and father,
I am a refugee, who does not know,
Anything except this
Understanding this shall I say, my mother.

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