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Kandha Vandarul

Kandha Vandarul
By Papanasam Shivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Aabheri
Talam Aadhi

Kanda vandarul taral aahaadha gathi veredhu,

Chendhur valar guha adimayin chinthakula theera,
Nee valiya vandhaal, undan mahimai kurayumo,
O Valli manavala pulli mayil yerum

Pachilam kuzhaviyai petha thai,
Parinthu anaippathu kandan andro,
Parama dhayakaran endru per,
Pugazh padaithavan nee andro,
Sachidananda murthy saravanothbhava Guhane,
Sankaran magane dhayavudane thirumal maruga,
Manam irangi unathu adimai yennidam parinthu.

English Translation

Oh Kanda, can you not come and give,
Your grace, What other option do I have.

Oh Guha of Thiruchendhur, for removing the worry and sorrow of this slave,
If you come of your own, would your greatness reduce,
Oh Consort of Valli, who rides on the peacock.

Does not The mother who has given birth,
To a very little babe hug Kandha with pity,
Are you not the one who is famous as,
The one who is divinely merciful,
Oh Guha, the god of divine joy, who was born out of Sarvana pond,
The son of Lord Shiva, with mercy, oh nephew of Lord Vishnu,
Would you not come with a melted mind taking pity on me.

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