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Easane Indha

Easane Indha
By Papanasam Shivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Chakravakam
Talam Roopakam

Eesane indha yezhaikku iranga innum thamathama,
Samana rahithan aana

Sri Chidambara vasane, jagad eesane,
Kanaka Sabesane, Natarajane

1. ee, yerumbu manithar eerai,
Eedatha piravikal alavum illaye,
Oyvillamal oon, urakkathirkku,
Uzhaikkum kavalai ozhiya villaye,
Maya mannilum, pennilum,ponnilum,
Valarum aasai azhivathillaye

2. Kayam aaramal ith thuyar vanthaal, mana,
Kalakkam akaathirukka vazhiyum illaye,
Kamanai yeritha vizhiyoy,
Kalanai udaitha kazhaloy,
Somanai anintha mudiyoy,
Sundara nadanamidum kunchitha patha.

English Translation

Oh God why this delay to show pity on this poor man,
As you are one who sees everyone equally

God who lives in Chidambaram, Lord of the universe,
President of the golden stage, King of dancers

!. There is no count for the births that I have taken,
As an ant, as flies and as humans,
Without rest for food and sleep,
The worry for more and more work never goes,
And the desire for illusions that are,
Land, women and gold never gets destroyed.

2. Even before the wound is healed, if this sorrow comes,
There is no method for not getting upset,
Oh God with the eye that burnt the God of love,
Oh God with a leg that kicked the God of death,
Oh God who wears the crescent on his hair,
Oh Pretty dancer with perfect dancing feet.

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