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Yennathai Cholladi Podi

Yennathai Cholladi Podi
By Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Useni
Thalam Adhi


Yennathai cholladi podi-un,
Yennathai cholladi podi,
Yengum niraivagina oru yadhu kulathoru vaandu,
Ingu vanthu nindru kondu, yennayum purintha vambu.


Anname ithu cheivathu jalam,
Athattinaal vanthidum pothatha kalam,
Chinna kuzhanthai yendru yennina kalam,
Cheyyumadi che che che maha alangolam.


Oru tharam ithanoda vishamathai kandaalo,
Ullamellam kollai poguthe,
Uthami maharasi Yasodai mel yenakku,
Unmayai poramai Aaguthe-Ivan,
Thiruttu vizhiyai kandu vittalo,
Thenum palum kasanthaguthe -naan,
Chinthai mayanginen -yendru therinthalo,
Che che che vishamangal alavukku meeruthe.

English Translation


Oh friend what shall I tell,
Oh friend, please tell me your thoughts,
The brat of Yadhu clan who fills all places,
When he stood here and made mischief with you.


Oh swan like girl, what he does is a magical trick,
If you chide him, we will go in to bad times,
If we think that he is a little baby,
What he does, bad, bad, bad, great dishevelment


Once we see his mischief,
We loose all our hearts to him,
I become truly jealous on,
The good lady Yasoda,
But if I see his stealing glances,
Honey and milk becomes bitter, but once,
I know that I have lost my mind,
Bad, bad, bad his mischief goes beyond limit.

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