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Thanakku Nigarilla Swami

Thanakku Nigarilla Swami
By Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Shuddha Saveri
Thalam Roopakam


Thakku nigrailla swami-yengal,
Sarasa Rajagopala Sawmi,
Tharu vennayum podadendru, marupadi oru thotharavidum


Vanathin maamalar veesi vandhe nindralum,
Kanatha chaya kondayil thogai katti nindralum,
Manathin azhagellam mugathil kaanuthe,
Vambu cheyya yendru vandharpor thonuthe-un,
Gunathai yennavum, yen manam naanuthe,
Kottavaa, yen manam kollayai poguthe.


Yengal yasodaikku ippadi oru pillai yeno vandhu pirantheeo, oho,
Pongu paalkadal poi thuyil thythathum, podhathu yendru ingu vandheeo-Aanaal,
Angayil thangidum theenkuzhal yeno-un,
Azhaginil mayangathaar yarukkum thano,
Pongum uvagayum punnagai yeno,
Podakuraikku indha vambugal yeno.

English Translation


Our passionate God Rajagopala,
Is one who does not have any one equal to him,
He is one who troubles us again,
Saying that the butter we gave is not sufficient.


Though he comes and stands there fanning the big flowers of the forest,
Though he wears bird feathers in his coloured bun like made up hair,
We are able to see all the prettiness of his mind on his face,
We feel as if he has come to tease us,
And when I think of your character, my mind becomes shy,
Oh king my mind is being stolen by you.


To our Yasoda, why were you born as a son like this,
After doing a false sleep in the ebbing ocean of milk,
Did you come thinking that it was not sufficient enough,
Why is there a sweet flute on your hips,
Is it meant for those people who do not fall for your beauty,
What for is the ebbing joy and the sweet smile,
And if that is not sufficient why this teasing sport of yours.

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