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Podhum Podhum Kanna

Podhum Podhum Kanna
By Oothukadu Venkatasubba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Saranga
Thalam: Aadhi


Podhum, podhum kanna-indha,
Bhuvanamamengum indira jalam cheyyum,
Mohana murali ganam

Oh Krishna, sufficient, sufficient.
This playing of mind catching music of the flute,
Which does great magic all over the universe.


Nadhamayamaki, geetha mayamagi, indha,
Jnalam yellam indra jalam cheyyum,
Mohana murali Ganam.

This playing of mind catching playing of the flude,
Which becomes musical notes and lyrics,
And which does great magic all over the world.


Veedu thirumba vendaamo-Veetil kai,
Velai theera vendamo-Kanna,
Madu karaka Vendaamo-engal,
Mamiyar thedum munne manai poga Vendamo.

Oh Krishna, Should we not return home,
Should we not complete domestic chores at home
Should we not milk the cows and,
Should we not reach home before our mother in law searches for us.

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