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Kadainthale Thayir Kadainthale

Kadainthale Thayir Kadainthale
By Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Sri Ranjani
Thalam: Aadhi


Kadainthale, thayir kadainthale,
Kara Kamalam mathu puri izhukka-kannan,
Mukha kamalam karuthum izhukka,
Tharaithanil muthu nethi neer thuligalum,
Thanaka vanthadaya, Thayilinai izhuthu

She churned, churned the curd,
With her lotus like hands pulling the churner,
With drawing the attention of lotus like face of Krishna,
With pearl like sweat drops from forehead,
Coming and drop on the floor, she pulled the curd.

Samashti Charanam

Chadayum chaaya, kondayin thogayum,
Thangum ila mangala mukundan, (mukha) punnagayum,
Kadaintha amudham thanai pola achuthan,
Kamala mukham thanai, oru tharam nokki,
Kariyam thadai padu yendru chinam thara,
Kadu kaduthavalai polavum aakki,
Nadayodu Nanda Gopa Rajan angu nadavum,
Athu kandu ezhunthida nokki,
Narayanan athu peraal athu keda,
Theera thena vegu vegamakave.

With braids, coloured tie up of hair with peacock feather,
With the slight smile of auspicious Mukunda which stays,
Is Achyutha who is similar to the churned out nectar,
And after seeing his lotus like face once,
When she thinking that the job would get stopped,
And keeping a very very angry face,
Approached by walk that king Nanda Gopa,
And seeing that she was trying to get up,
Narayana thought that due to that, her job would be spoiled,
His job would be done with great speed.

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