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Ippadiyum Oru Pillai

Ippadiyum Oru Pillai
By Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Ragamalikai
Thalam Jambai

Pallavi (Darbar)

Ippadiyum oru pillai yengeyum illai,
Inbam tharum thollai, ithrkku eedu inayum illai.

Anupallavi (Darbar)

Porpuyathe vana malarum, poo punayum bala Rama,
Thappithamagaadha unthan thambiyendraal aramaamo,
Ippothe nee chendru yengal mozhi ithendru,
Yentha vithamo, ithai yasodayudan poi chollu.


1. Danyasi
Yeppadiyum uri kalayam yetta mudiyaa uyaram,
Katti oru vagai cheythu kval vaithu pona pinnar,
Oppukutha kavaludan, utha thunaiyarudanum,
Thappi ul puguntha unthan thambi yendraal aramamo.

2. Vasanthaa
Yarendru vinava, yemmai anjuvom yendru kandu un,
Per cholli unnudane piranthon yendraan,
Paar inge vanthu thayir panayul yethu yenil,
Kar ondrai thavirntha ilam kandru ondrai kanum yendran.

3. Madhyamavathi
Ithanayum cheythu pinnar yengal manam mogumendru,
Mutham ondru eenthu, naangal muyangi nindra velayile,
Kathai kuzhal pathi yezhil mikka mayil peeli vattam,
Chuthi oru kayil kuzhal pathi virainthu odinaan.

English Translation


Nowhere there is a boy like this,
There is no comparison to these troubles which lead to joy.


Oh Balarama wearing gold and holding forest flowers in golden hand,
Is it right if your own brother does a mistake,
Now itself you go and tell that these
Are our words, some how to Yasoda.


Some how after tying the pot in an unreachable height,
And after some how arranging someone to guard it,
With some type of security when we go,
Is it all right if your brother enters there with his friends?

When we enquire who it is, knowing he is afraid of us,
He told your name and said that he is your sibling,
And when we ask what are you seeing in the pot of curd,
He said a young calf is missing, from the herd.

After doing all this thinking that our hearts would pain,
After giving a kiss and when we were standing perplexed,
Holding his flowing hairs and tying it with peacock feathers,
And holding a flute in his hand he ran away.

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