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Aakka Poruthavarukku

Aakka Poruthavarukku
By Oothukadu Venkatasubba iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Khamboji
Thalam: Aadhi


Aakka poruthavarku, Aara porukkamal,
Avasara padalamo - ithu thagumo?

When one waits for it to be prepared, should he become,
Impatient to see that it becomes of less heat - Is it proper?


Bhagyavathi, Devaki tharum Balaa,
Pannarntha kuzhal oothum Bala Gopala.

Oh child, who was given by the lucky Devaki,
Oh cowherd boy, who gives pure music by playing the flute.


Mathu puriyanainthu vangi kadayum munne,
Vambu cheythaal vennai vanthidumo?
Pannarntha kuzhal oothum kannan un peyar chonnal,
Vennai yenna thanai thirandidumo?
Kathum karavaikku yethanai chonnalum,
Katti vennayaka karanthidumo?
Kana mayilin mudi kattazhagan vandhaan,
Kannan vandhan yendral (vennai) pongidimo Kanna?

Before the churner is tied with rope and before we start churning,
If you keep on showing mischief, would the butter come out?
Suppose the name of Krishna who plays music on flute is told,
Would the butter get formed and come out of its own?
Would in spite of many advices, the shouting cow,
Yield solid butter instead of milk?
Would the butter come out if we tell to it that,
The pretty one who wears the feather of forest has come?

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