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Velayudhane Shanmugane

Velayudhane Shanmugane
By Neelakanda Sivan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Sage Neelakanta Sivan was a great composer belonging to South Travancore and lived at the end of 19th century. Though a very great composer of Carnatic music Krithis, many people do not know about him. His Disciple Papanasam Sivan is however well known. www.carnaticcorner.com/articles/nilakanta_sivan.html as well as www.carnatica.net/neelakantasivan.htm give a detailed account of this composer and his Krithis. Though he is said to have composed over 2000 Krithis very few of them are now available.]

Ragam Khambodhi
Thalam Aadhi

Velayudhane, shanmugane,
Vinai theerthu aalbhavane, guhane-Vadi

Soolayudhanaar varathal yeritha,
Ven sooranai kondru,
Peru veeram tharitha-vadi

Kamanai yerithavar, vamam uraindha,
Shivakami petha, karunai balakane,
Komala vadivudan om yena udhitha,
Guru paran yena vandha, saravana kumarane

English translation

Oh God with Vadi Vel as weapon,
Oh God with six faces,
Oh God who removes sins and rules over us,
Oh God who is in the cave of our mind

You who killed Soora who burnt the places,
With the boon he Got from Shiva who is armed with trident,
And wore the armour of great valour

Oh merciful child born to Goddess Shivakami,
Who occupied half the body of him who burnt God of love,
Who was born with a pretty mien in the form of Om,
Who came as the divine teacher and who is the son of Saravana pond.

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