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Pooraya Mama

Pooraya Mama Kamam Gopala
By Narayana Theertha
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Bilahari
Thalam: Aadhi


Pooraya mama Kamam, Gopala

Oh cowherd fulfill my desires


Varam, varam Vandanm asthuthe,
Varijadala Nayana, Gopala

I again and again offer my salutations to you,
Oh cowherd with eyes like petal of lotus.


1. Manye thwamiha Madhava deivam,
Maya sweekrutha Manusha bhavam,
Thanyai radrutha thathwa swabhavam
Datharam jagatham athi vibhavam.

Oh Madhava, I think there is no other God like you,
Who has assumed the human form due to illusion,
Who wears the character of philosophy on his body,
And who grants the world all sort of riches.

2. Brindavanachara barhavathamsa,
Baddha kunja vana, bahu thara vilasa,
Sandhrananda mudgeerna hasaa,
Sankhatha kejara samudhitha dasa.

Oh God who moves about in Brindavan with decorations of peacock feather,
Who is attached to the bower with very many types of actions,
Who keeps on showering laughs due to his great joy,
And who is surrounded by company of flying devotees.

3. Mathsya, koormadhi dasa Mahithavathara,
Madanugraha thava Madana gopala,
Vathsalya palitha vara yogi brunda,
Vara Narayana Theertha vardhitha bodhaa.

Oh God who took ten incarnation like fish and tortoise in this world,
For the sake of blessing me, oh pretty cowherd,
Who is in the company of groups of Yogis who love him,
And who increases the knowledge of blessed Narayaana Theertha.

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