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Kshemam Kuru Gopala

Kshemam Kuru Gopala
By Saint Narayana Theertha
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Mohanam
Thalam: Chapu


Kshemam kuru Gopala, Santhatham mama

Make me comfortable always, Gopala


Kamam thava pada kamala brahmari bhavathu,
Sriman, mama Manasa, Madhusudhana

Oh Lord, killer of Madhu, l desire that my mind,
Becomes a bee hovering around your lotus like feet.


1. Aksheena Karuna nidhe, Ananda Ghana praksheena dosha Varidhe,
Sikshithasura gana Rakshitha, nija jana,
Kukshi sthithaneka koti loka palana

Oh treasure of mercy who never gets tired,
Who with great joy makes all oceans of sins disappear,
Who punishes the asuras and protects the devas and all good people,
And who looks after several crores of people in his belly.

2. Prahladha bhaya vidhoora, parama yogi pavana, bhuvanadhara,
MOha rahitha bodha mouni manasa hamsa,
Sahasa jitha vairi sangatha Manohara.

Oh God who drove out fear of Prahladha, who purifies great Yogis, who supports the earth
Who lives in the swan like mind of silent ones who does not have illusions,
Who is adventurous, who wins over enemies in war and is bewitching.

3. Ajitha, vijaya Gopala, Anantha leela, Ranjitha pada Kamala,
Vijaya dwarakapuri vimala, Kamala lola,
Nija Narayana Theertha, Nithyananda Bala.

Oh God who cannot be defeated, Oh victorious Gopala with endless sports who has charming lotus like feet,
Who won over the city of Dwaraka, who is pure, who waves like lotus flower,
Who is the real Narayana Theertha, who is the boy with perennial joy.

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