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Govardhana Gireesam

Govardhana Gireesam
By Muthuswami Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Hindolam
Thala Rupakam


Govardhana giresam smarami anisam,
Gopika manoharam garvitha kamsaadhi haram.


Govinda nama saram gajendra rakshana dheeram,
Kavijana hruth mandhaaram, kanaka jitha su sareeram,
Ravi sasi nayana vilasam ramaneya mukha bhasam,
Shiva ganadhi visvasam sri guru guha manollasam.

English Translation


I always meditate on Lord of the Govardhana Mountain,
Who robbed the minds of Gopis and killed Kamsa and others.


He is the meaning of Govinda,
He is the bold one who saved the King of elephants,
He is the flower that blooms in the mind of poets,
He is having a body which wins even Gold,
He is having sun and Moon as eyes,
He has a pretty shining face,
He has with him the faith of ganas of Shiva,
And he is the one who delights the heart of Guru Guha.

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