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Abhayamba - 9 - Dakshayani

Dakshayani Abhayambike
By Muthu Swami Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Thodi
Thala Roopaka


Dakshayani, Abhayambike
Varadabhaya hasthe, Namasthe.


Deekshaa santhushta manase,
Dheena vana hastha sarase,
Kamkshithartha pradhayini,
Kama Thanthra vidhayini,
Sakshi roopa prakasini,
Samastha Jagad vilasini.


Sakala nishkala swaroopa thejase,
Sakala loka srushti karana brajase,
Sakala bhaktha sam rakshana yasase,
Sakala yogi mano roopa ththwa thapase,
Prabhala guru guhodhaye,
Panchanana hrudayalaye,
Bharatha Mathangadhi nuthe,
Bharathi eesa poojithe,

English translation


Oh Abhayambike, the daughter of Daksha,
The God, who protects and blesses by her hands, Salutations.


She who is happy to do austerities,
She who is the protective pond to the oppressed,
She who grants all that is desired,
She who set rules for the Thanthra of desires,
She who shines in the form of witness,
She who plays in the entire universe.


She who shines in the form of Kala and Nishkala,
She who shines as the cause for all creation,
She who has fame as protector of all her devotees,
She who is the mind of sages as principles,
She who is the mother of the great Guru Guha,
She who resides in the heart of the five faced one,
She whose devotees are Sages Bharatha and Matanga,
She who is worshiped by Lord of Saraswathi.

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