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Nava Graha - Brahaspathe Tharapathe

Brahaspathe Tharapathe
Nava Graha Krithis - V [Jupiter]
By Muthuswami Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Atana
Thala Triputa


Brahaspathe Tharapathe, Brhama jathe namosthuthe


Mahabala vibho, Gheeshpathe Manju dhanush meenadhipathe,
Mahendrath upasitha kruthe, Madhavadhi vinutha dheemathe.


Suracharya varya Vajra dhara shubha lakshana Jagatraya Guro,
Jaradhi varjitha krodha kacha janaka asritha jana kalpa tharo,
Purari Guru Guha sammodhitha, puthra karaka Dheena bhandho,
Paradhi chathwari vak swaroopa prakasaka dhaya sindho,
Niramayaya Neethi karthre, Nirankusaya viswa bharthre,
Niranjanaya bhuvana bhokthre, Niramsaya maswa pradhathre.

English translation


Salutations to Brahaspathi, the consort of Thara,
Who was born to Lord Brahma.


Oh divine planet of great strength, The lord of speech,
The soft natured lord of Dhanu and Meena rasis,
He who is worshipped by great Indra and other Gods,
He whose intelligence is honoured by Lord Krishna.


The teacher of the devas who holds thunderbolts,
Who has good properties and teacher of the three worlds,
He who has avoided old age and anger, father of Kacha,
The wish giving tree depended by people,
He who is appreciated by Shiva and Guru Guha,
He who gives sons, He who is the friend of the oppressed,
He who is personification of four stages of speech,
He who is the sparkling sea of mercy,
He who is never sick, the one who defines justice,
He who is not controlled and the Lord of the entire earth,
He who is without any blemishes He who delights the world,
And he who without doubt bestows vigor.

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