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Abhayamba - 6 - Anyam Na Jane

Abhayambikaya Anyam Na Jane
By Muthu Swami Deekshithar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Kedhara gowla,
Thala Khanda Chapa


Abhayambikaya anyam na jane,
Ajnanadmane aparokha jnane.


Jhabhara jagathya, eeswarya jagathya,
Nabhomani gathya, nadha laya gathya.


Baaladhi nama dheya prakasinya,
Kaladhi thathwantha prakasinya,
Mooladhi dwadasantha prakasinya,
Sthooladhi mounantha prakasinya,
Trilokya moola prakruthya swa shakthaya,
Saalokya sameepya sarupya mukthaya,
Malini mantra maladhi thanthrokthya,
Shoolini Guru Guha svanubhava gathya.

English Translation


I do know any one else other than Abhayambika,
For making one filled with ignorance know the higher knowledge.


She with gait of an elephant belongs to the world of God,
She controls the Sun as well as mixture of sound and rhythm.


She who shines with the name of Bala,
She who shines as the arts in Thathwas,
She who shines as the twelve fold basic chakra,
She who shines as the gross to the subtle,
She with her own power is the basic nature of three worlds,
She who is the four stages of going there, Nearness, getting that form and salvation,
She who is the malini mantra among thanthras,
She who is Shoolini and is experienced by Guru Guha.

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