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Kala Rathri Swaroopini

Kala Rathri Swaroopini
By Harikesavanallur Muthaiah bhagwathar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Oormika
Thalam aadhi

Kala raathri swaroopini Amba

Kali, Karali, kapalini, soolini,
Kalajjana nibhe, kaalaahi bhooshane

Runda maalalankruthe, Rudra thoshithe, Thandava pandithe,
Chandi, devendrarchithe, salahou chandahara Harikesa bhamini.

English meaning

Oh mother who is dark like the midnight

Oh Kali, Oh terrible looking one, Oh goddess who wears skulls,
Oh Goddess who carries a trident, who has an appearance of tribal people,
Oh Goddess to whom violence is an ornament

Oh Goddess who wears a garland of dead bodies,
Oh Goddess who delights Rudra, the angry form of shiva,
Oh Goddess who is an expert in Thandava style of dancing,
Ok killer of Chanda, oh Goddess worshipped by Devendra
OH goddess who killed Chanda in water,
Oh Passionate one of Harikesa.

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