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Vellai Thamarai Poovil Iruppal

Vellai Thamarai Poovil Iruppal
By Mahakavi Bharathi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Thalam: Aadi


Vellai thAmarai poovil iruppAL
veeNai seiyum oliyil iruppal
kollai inbam kulavu kavidai
kurum pavalar ullathilruppal (veLLai)


ulladhaam poruL thEdiyunarndhE
Odhum vEdhaTHin Ul nin trolirval
kaLLamatra munivargaL koorum
karunai vaSagaTHutporuLAvAL (veLLai)

Charanam 1

mAdhar theengural paattil iruppal
makkaL pESum mazhalaiyil uLLAL
geetham pAdum kuyilin kuralai
kiLiyin naavai iruppidum kondAL

CharaNam 2

kOdhangandra thozhiludaiTHAgi
kulavu chiTHiram gOpuram koyil
eedhanaiTHin ezhilida iyutrAL
inbamE vadi vagida petraL (veLLai)

English Translation


She will be on the white lotus flower,
She would be in the sound emanating from Veena,
She would be in the heart of great poets,
Who write poems giving great happiness.


She would shine inside the chant of Vedas,
Which is being chanted knowing its true meaning,
She would be the inner meaning of the merciful words,
Told by sages who do not have any deceit.


1. She would be in the songs sung by ladies with sweet voice,
She would be in the lisping words of little babies.
She would be sitting on the tongue of the Koel singing songs,
And also in the tongue of the birds.

2. Making the prettiness, her own,
Of the job which is done with love,
And that of pretty pictures and temple towers,
She would remain with the personification of sweetness.

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