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Unnaye Mayyal Konden Valli

Unnaye Mayyal Konden Valli
By Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar
Translaed by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Karahara Priya
Thalam aadhi

Unnaye mayyal konden - Valli,
Uvamayil ariyai, uyirinum iniyai

1. Yenai aalvai, Valli, Vali,
Ila mayile, yen idhayamalar Vaazhve
Kaniye, suvayuru thene,
Kalaviyile amudhanaiyai

2, Thaniye, Jnana vizhiyai, nilavinil,
Ninai maruvi, Valli, Valli,
Neeyagidave Vandhen

English translation

Oh Valli, I fell in love with you,
Oh girl without any similes,
Oh Girl who is sweeter than soul

1. Oh Valli, Oh Valli, rule over me,
Oh life of the flower of mind in my youth,
Oh Fruit, Oh tasty honey,
You are like nectar in the art of love

2. Oh solitary one, Oh Girl with eye of wisdom,
After hugging you in the moon light,
Oh Valli, Oh Valli, I came to become one with you.

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