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Muruga Muruga Muruga

Muruga Muruga Muruga
By Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Nattai kurinchi
Thalam Aadhi

[Muruga is one of the tamil names for Lord Subrahmanya - son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. He rides on a peacock and carries a spear called Vadivel.]

Muruga, Muruga, Muruga

1. Varuvai mayil meedhinile,
Vadi veludane varuvai,
Tharuvai nalamum thagavum pugazum,
Thavamum, thiramum, dhanamum, ganamum

2. Adiyar pala ingu ulare,
Avarai viduvithu arulvaay,
Mudiya maraiyin mudive, asurar,
Mudive karuthum vadi velavane.

3. Suruthi porule, varuga,
Thunive, kanale varuga,
Karuthi karuthi kavalai paduvaar,
Kavalai kadalai kadiyum vadivel.

4. Amravathi vaazh urave,
Arulvai, saranam, saranam
Kumaraa, pini yavayume chithara,
Kumurum sudar velavane, saranam

5. Arivagiya koyilile,
Arulgayathaiu madi mel,
Pori veludane valarvay, adiyar,
Puthu vaazhvurave, puvi meethu arulvai

6. Guruve, paraman magane,
Guhayile valarum kanale,
Tharuvai thozhilum payanum amarar,
SAmarathipane, saranam, saranam

English translation

Oh Muruga, Oh Muruga, Oh Muruga

1. Please come riding on a peacock.
Come with your vadi vel (long spear)
Give me comfort, suitability, fame,
Penance, ability, wealth and importance.

2. There are several devotees here,
Please give all of them freedom,
Oh end of the endless Vedas,
Oh end of Asuras, Oh Vadivela of the desired form.

3. Oh Meaning of Vedas, come,
Oh bravery, oh fire, come,
Oh Vadivel who dries the sea of worries,
Of all those who keep on worrying.

4. Oh relative who lives in Indra's capital,
Shower your grace, I surrender, surrender
Oh Subrahmanya, Oh Velava who is like a flame,
Which is angry and drives away all ills, I surrender.

5. In the temple called wisdom,
In your lap which is your grace,
Please come with a blazing Vel,
Please shower your grace so that,
The entire world gets a rich new life.

6. Oh Teacher, Oh son of Lord Parameshwara,
Oh flame which grows inside a cave,
Please give me a work and its result,
Oh commander of devas, I surrender, I surrender.

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